Online Indian Girls Whatsapp Number List 2024

Hello, friends in this post we are going to share the Indian girls Whatsapp number list which will be very helpful for single guys to do friendship with Indian girls.

In this post, you are going to get WhatsApp numbers of very beautiful girls who live in India and are open to do friendship with guys.

But all these girls are really very cute and open-minded and they are also ready for a relationship with good guys. As you may be knowing that Indian girls are the most beautiful in the world.

So those who are single guys and want a WhatsApp number of cute girls then they must read this post. Once you get the number you can chat with them and do friendship.

But make sure that always respect girls and talk with them properly otherwise there might be a chance that they will simply not prefer to talk with you.

So friends without wasting any time let’s start this post.

Single Indian Girls Whatsapp Number List

indian girls whatsapp number

1. Name: Riya

Age: 18

Number: 6658745812

2. Name: Shilpa

Age: 19

Number: 6564754185

3. Name: Garima

Age: 20

Number: 6125489542

4. Name: Rupali

Age: 21

Number: 7584512684

5. Name: Geeta

Age: 22

Number: 8457415789

6. Name: Anupama

Age: 18

Number: 6254784152

7. Name: Juli


Age: 19

Number: 8541257486

8. Name: Shilpa

Age: 20

Number: 6354715248

9. Name: Karishma

Age: 21

Number: 9658412782

10. Name: Neelam

Age: 23

Number: 7451258032

11. Name: Priya

Age: 20

Number: 6457894570

12. Name: Anjali

Age: 18

Number: 8524751367

13. Name: Akansha

Age: 19

Number: 9632581725

14. Name: Priyanka


Age: 20

Number: 7458264853

15. Name: Seema

Age: 21

Number: 7546328945

16. Name: Kajal

Age: 21

Number: 8654217269

17. Name: Pari

Age: 18

Number: 7458621586

18. Name: Anita

Age: 22

Number: 9657412540

19. Name: Pushpa

Age: 22

Number: 7451203247

20. Name: Reema

Age: 23

Number: 7080521457

21. Name: Garima

Age: 23

Number: 7456329410

22. Name: Neema

Age: 18

Number: 7456321457

23. Name: Jiya


Age: 19

Number: 6321457032

24. Name: Kajal

Age: 20

Number: 8451240360

25. Name: Riya

Age: 21

Number: 7410021025

26. Name: Kavita

Age: 21

Number: 6032014750

27. Name: Anushka

Age: 19

Number: 6320104080

28. Name: Khushboo

Age: 20

Number: 7450390432

29. Name: Kavya

alisha singh

Age: 22

Number: 6820107097

30. Name: Arima

Age: 23

Number: 6217025816

31. Name: Jinal

Age: 19

Number: 6378014050

32. Name: Pooja

Age: 20

Number: 6390147020

33. Name: Shayna

Age: 21

Number: 6301473054

34. Name: Arpita

Age: 18

Number: 6023701402

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