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500+ Real Single Girls Whatsapp Number List For Friendship 2023

Hello friends, in this post we are going to share the real girl’s Whatsapp number list for friendship. In this post, you will find all the beautiful girls Whatsapp numbers with which you can do friendship with them and start chatting online.

In this post, you will get real single indian girls, desi, divorced, Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore girls numbers, etc. But one tip we would like to give you is please talk to all these girls in a very polite manner.

Because if you will not talk properly then the chances are much more that these girls will block you or stop chatting with you.

You can note down these numbers if you want and you can talk with them online and they are all single and very friendly nature girls.

We were getting a huge number of requests to get the girl’s number and this is why we are sharing this post we really hope that you will love this article. So without wasting any time let’s start this post.

Real Single Girls Whatsapp Number List For Friendship


1. Name: Shilpa

Age: 19

Number: 9658745124

2. Name: Rita

Age: 18

Number: 7451203658

3. Name: Shilpa

Age: 20

Number: 6745784102

4. Name: Jyoti

Age: 21

Number: 6201204578

5. Name: Soni

Age: 22

Number: 6201247302


6. Name: Kajal

Age: 18

Number: 6237458410

7. Name: Preeti

Age: 18

Number: 6230045105

Name: Amrita

Age: 19

Number: 6309853472

8. Name: Pooja

Age: 20

Number: 6232458794

9. Name: Arti

Age: 21

Number: 6032647587

10. Name: Poonam

Age: 18

Number: 8545214730


11.  Name: Arpita

Age: 20

Number: 9652012024

12. Name: Shena

Age: 20

Number: 7400256203

13. Name: Ganga

Age: 22

Number: 7451032602


14. Name: Geeta

Age: 23

Number: 6021015403

15. Name: Anita

Age: 21

Number: 7410258963

16. Name: Sanvi

Age: 20

Number: 9632587410

17. Name: Neelam

Age: 18

Number: 8520147963

18. Name: Riya

Age: 19

Number: 7352140258


19. Name: Kripa

Age: 20

Number: 7891023540

20. Name: Neha

Age: 18

Number: 7450320148

21. Name: Vaishali

Age: 19

Number: 8032102405


22. Name: Kavita

Age: 20

Number: 4751236940

23. Name: Seema

Age: 21

Number: 7840232014

24. Name: Karishma

Age: 18

Number: 6202140258

25. Name: Kareena

Age: 20

Number: 6475103987

26. Name: Madhuri

Age: 22

Number: 7450326402

27. Name: Payal

Age: 21

Number: 6302104052

28. Name: Sneha

Age: 20

Number: 8541257632

29. Name: Shruti

Age: 21

Number: 6325478484

30. Name: Shilpa

Age: 22

Number: 7451023015

31. Name: Shivani

Age: 20

Number: 7052102365


32. Name: Sheela

Age: 18

Number: 8451203265

33. Name: Sonali

Age: 21

Number: 6302102540

34. Name: Babita

Age: 22

Number: 8451202010

35. Name: Charu

Age: 23

Number: 9602401236

36. Name: Dimple

Age: 20

Number: 7502303040

37. Name: Diya

Age: 21

Number: 8625002548

38. Name: Dimple

Age: 18

Number: 6201040502


39. Name: Gitanjali

Age: 18

Number: 9500124578

40. Name: Garima

Age: 20

Number: 7410230587

41. Name: Heena

Age: 18

Number: 7450234015

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Final Words:

So, friends these are the real indian girl’s Whatsapp number list for friendship, If you like this post then please it with our friends on Facebook and Whatsapp.

Similarly you can read other articles on this blog if you want more numbers of cute girls.


All these numbers are taken from other websites so use the above-given numbers at your own risk. We will not take any responsibility if any problem occurs by contacting these numbers.


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